Dispatch Webinar


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November 14,  2022


6pm-11pm est/9am-3pm est



Dec 12  will be 6pm to 11pm
Understanding dispatching lanes maps and seasons undstanding cost and operations !

Dec 13 will be 6pm to 11pm
Learning how negotiations and terminology and how to walk and talk and load boards good and bad !

Dec 14 will be 6pm to 11pm
Routing and planning and understanding a 7 day plan and dispatching for a week out in stead of today and tomorrow!

Dec 15 will be 6pm to 11pm
Learning to find customer and brokers and freight  that is not on load board and building on going network !

***Dec 16 will be day time 9 am to 3 pm***
This will be for live phone call homework drills and setting up posting with directions on your computers and learning to search and email with direction  to tell people what you need ! We will work on building dedicated and local lanes and get your phone and emails ringing off the hook  .


**this price is per person.

**no reschedule – one time class**


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