TSR & Shaggy

If you haven’t been following Shaggy on social media, then you haven’t heard that he sponsored this pretty rad sprint car. The car was debuted in sprint week 2021 in Indiana – Gas City, Kokomo, Lawrenceburg, Terre Haute, Putnamville, Bloomington, and Haubstadt.

The week was pretty fantastic for Tyler Sturgeon Racing and Stevie Sussex; ISW passing master (zoinks! what just passed me?!), and #15 in the top 20 standings!

Shaggy has more plans in the works so stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “TSR & Shaggy”

  1. I’m a carrier I’ve been in business almost 3yrs. I’m ready to grow and have a plan. I’m needing help with a good Leasing agreement or attorney i.e. industry specific. I want to add one truck and start leasing on owner ops.

    1. we have examples of contracts like this in our facebook group (shaggys consulting and training).. make sure you check us out over there!

  2. Rory says:

    I like to know how I get started with one on one consultation and or training started as soon as possible?
    Rory McPherson

  3. I like to know what are the prices for 1 on 1 training?

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