Can you guess what Shaggy’s been up to? He’s been having in-person BootCamps!

What’s that mean? Someone (+1) came to his office and worked out details & strategized over what they were missing and needed for their own business to thrive.

Have you been debating over signing up for a webinar but haven’t because you just felt it wasn’t your ideal way of learning? Well. You’re in luck: there’s an in-person available the week of March 29th.

You’re able to bring one other person with you to the office and sit face to face with Shaggy, himself. You will gain knowledge and tons of insight in those 2 (two) days to make your weaker business issues into stronger ones.

Whether you’re just starting and want to catapult yourself a few years ahead or already established and looking for another branch to your business tree – head over to the registration page and click to secure your InPerson spot!

***Can be scheduled Monday-Thursday only***

2 thoughts on “InPerson”

  1. Justin Hayes says:

    Hey guys just spoke with Shaggy. Im looking for an In person trying in Oct. I see that I can’t book on Fridays. Please get back with me and let me know what’s available so I Can start planning this training trip for my team.

  2. Valeriu Pislaru says:

    Want to learn more

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