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Are you a part of Shaggy’s Facebook Group? There’s a page that’s managed (mostly) by Melissa but the page is access to a ton of Q&As and information for all things transportation. You have to answer the questions to get in, if you receive a message from someone in the group, please be sure to respond or you won’t be approved.

Check your groups to be sure you’re not missing out on anything:

5 thoughts on “Group in Facebook”

  1. Shaggy is the man. You need Shaggy if you want to know 🚚!!

  2. Roy says:

    The best one yet🤷🏿‍♂️

  3. Jennifer says:

    Classes are so informative. Will really want you to learn more and set you up for success!!

  4. connor brodner says:

    I took Shaggys 3 week boot camp. I didn’t know how much i needed to take these courses. It’s definitely best to take all 3 weeks, as you learn how to operate and maintain all corners of the trucking, brokerage, and dispatch businesses. Anyone whose interested in working in this industry could benefit from taking these classes. Shaggy’s the man you want to have in your corner. Thanks Shaggy!

  5. Sebrina Johnson Holloman says:

    Dispatch class extremely informative! He is very engaging and called it for real life scenarios! You can see the years of experience and networking he can bring. Looking forward to his brokerage class!

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