8 thoughts on “Hello World.”

  1. Roy says:

    All the info you will need in this industry and life. Shaggy you are the best

  2. Mike Lubanski says:

    Shaggy and his crew are in it to win it for you. It’s refreshing to see a group united in everyone’s success. Knowledge is power as they say, Shaggy’s crew has the power of knowledge and the dedication to help you succeed. It isn’t easy, you gotta want it and put it in the work. Knowing I can call the Shaggy Crew at the time I need an answer is invaluable to me and my success.

  3. DeeAnna Chambers says:

    We have learned so much from your classes Shaggy and are excited to continue to work with you on the creation of a successful business in the trucking industry! We appreciate your help, time and dedication! 😊🙌

  4. I have been in the industry as a driver for 21 years now. I thought I knew everything I needed to know to be successful, but I really didn’t know nearly as much as I thought I did, and I wondered why I kept failing. I came across Shaggy through his Facebook group a little over 2 years ago and the learning started. Since then I have taken all 3 of his webinars and several one on one’s and even got his game map. I have learned so much and have literally turned my career and company around almost overnight. I tell at least one independent owner operator a day about Shaggy and his group and that they honestly can’t afford NOT to take his webinars and his one on one’s. They are worth every penny, and if you apply what he teaches and do the hard work that nobody is willing to do the time effort heartache and money saved will have the webinars paying for themselves (literally)
    Also while everyone seems to watch a few YouTube videos and all of a sudden think they are now a qualified expert and start teaching their own webinars, where they charge you $2500 for a 3 hour course that is ore recorded and you can’t get any questions answered and they disappear after they got your money and give you the webinar link, Shaggy’s webinars are LIVE on zoom, taught by him and some of his extremely knowledgeable partners, he encourages questions and is always there for you for months even years later. He is committed to your success, and he takes his role as a consultant seriously, and he always answers his phone, and so do his partners, I’ve personally seen him remove partners from his network who didn’t answer their phone.

    You will not find a better consultant and trainer or network anywhere.
    I stand behind my review so much I will put my phone number out here to answer questions personally.
    Michael F. Culler
    Culler Auto Transportation LLC

  5. Pam Lubanski says:

    Are you in it to win it? Shaggy is. Are you tired of people taking your money saying they can teach you all kinds of s_ _t? Then don’t!
    Shaggy teaches you all kinds of s_ _t…it’s for real! 👌
    Are you tired of your instructor never calling you back? Shaggy calls you back.
    Are you tired of working harder not smarter? Shaggy wants you to work smarter not harder. Take his classes, you won’t regret it. Love this group and all it has to offer. Taken OO, Dispatcher class and next week Broker class!

  6. Shaggy is the man !! You get more than what you ask for and some!!!

  7. Maria Prescod says:

    Thank you Shaggy for being a great teacher and helping everyone truly understand the world of trucking and how to be successful. I have been scammed by other so called training course and feel so fortunate to have come across your platform. You teach the real deal and you care. Your dedication and ability to help your students understands sets your trainings apart. You are changing lives and generations. You also are the real teacher in that by completing training with you, you remain available to help, refresh course and much more. You are always available by phone and you do not penny pinch anyone. You believe in what you do and transmit that to your students. Thank you to you and your wonderful Wife Melissa for all you do. Divine blessings to you and your beautiful Family.

  8. Michelle Clark says:

    So my husband and I took Shaggy’s training seminars (all three Trucking Co, Dispatching and Broker) and last Friday my we landed our first direct shipper contract. We are a new venture and we just opened in March of this year. Shaggy’s training has provided all of the tools and information we need to grow our company! I would highly suggest the courses to anyone who’s in this industry. Despite owning a trucking company, we learned valuable information from ALL three courses. This morning we received the first PO from the shipper and the first load moves tomorrow!!! Big things are happening!! Thank you Shaggy Koch for all of your help! 💪🏾

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